Independent Brands at Margin London Exhibition

Whilst fashion buyers and store owners criss-cross the planet to visit Fashion Weeks and expensive presentations, there are independent events for new brands, who can’t afford catwalks, supermodels and an open bar, to display their ranges.

Margin, the longest-running independent trade exhibition in London, has been providing an affordable platform for new and young brands to meet with buyers and press since 2002.

Some of the brands that have previously launched at Margin include now well-known names, including Supremebeing, Lazy Oaf, Dephect, Loreak Mendian, Chateau Roux, Diamond Supply Coicon, Ashley Marc Hovelle, Seventysevenicon, King Apparelicon, Rum Knuckles, and Your Eyes Lie, to name a very few.

With the 24th edition taking place on Sunday & Monday the 4th & 5th, at a new venue for Margin, the Hilton Olympia, here’s a video featuring retailers talking about the exhibition.


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